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500+ I Miss You Love SMS Messages for Him

I Miss You Love SMS Messages for Him:  If you’re in love, being away from your partner is not something you’d want to do. Thanks to the advancement of technology, you’re only a few clicks an email away from the person you’ve always wanted to be with.

You could avoid the hassle of rushing through the airport to go to the movie, and send him a thoughtful message to make the day of your loved one.

But, many have difficulty trying to convey the depths of their feelings in a short amount of text.

If you’ve been looking at the blank space above your keyboard, with your heart beating We’ve compiled 55 of messages for him to brighten his day and ease yours.

I Miss You Love SMS Messages for Him
I Miss You Love SMS Messages for Him

I Miss You Love SMS Messages for Him

Even though you’re separated by a long distance, a simple text message can bring you to top of the thoughts. No matter if you’re just starting to get acquainted or been married for 50 decades, telling someone how much you love them and are missing them will always be important.


The image of you makes me smile, however, the distance we share causes my heart ache. I’m not able to comprehend everything you have done for me. I would love to have you there.


I would love to shout out to the world that I am so sorry for you. My heart is unable to take this long.

I don’t only miss you, I also long for the warmth of your breath, the depth of your eyes. I miss the feel of your fingers and the feeling of your hands touching my waist. I miss you deeply and deeply.

I am missing your touch, our late-night chat and your beautiful smile and most importantly, your presence. I would like to have a conversation with you, but not the same distance. I miss you so much, handsome.

i miss him sms
i miss him sms

Distance can keep us apart but I’m just trying to inform you that I’m always in my thoughts. We miss you!

Even for a second is like living a life of happiness. The thought of being away from you for a moment feels like being entrapped for a lifetime in miserable.

My love is my medicine. Please come back very soon beautiful.

miss you
miss u

I’m missing you with a passion I miss you as wild. When will you return my dear? When do I get my joy? Please return soon, because I’m so missing you!

I am missing you I love you, I kiss you You are my hug, would like to be with you, I love you. All I require is you, you only you!

I’m not alone, since your love keeps me companionship. However, I’m empty without you. I miss you more than anything else. Love you, dear.

i miss you
i miss you

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I am nostalgic for the times we shared hugs to forget life’s sadnesses. I remember the times when we laughed and jogged around in a relaxed way. I remember the moments we snuggled. I am missing you for every moment we spent together. Please come back to me.

Don’t force me to go. One moment without you can make me think I’m waiting to go to the grave. You’re all I’m looking for. I’m missing you and I’m thinking about it.

As the song goes, “All I need is the air I breathe and to be loved by you.” I’m missing you, my dear. I can’t wait to meet you once you return back. I’m thinking of you!

The feeling of love is that you miss someone when you’re away, yet being warm inside as you’re in a relationship with them.

I love your smile, I want to kiss you, the lonelyness is making me sick. Bring me back to my life by returning to me! I miss you honey!

I am able to feel happiness when considering you, I can see beauty in your eyes, I know the meaning of love when you are yours. It is a privilege to call myself me, because it is my own. I love you, but am aware that I miss you.

I’m hurting because you’re not there around to share my pain with me My smile is missing somewhere, because you’re not here to search it. I am so sorry for you and your hug alone can make me smile. Return soon.

The words aren’t enough to convey my love for you. Every day and evening, I think of you. Come back love, I miss you so much!

I’m missing you a bit I think you might say that a bit too much, a bit frequently, and then a bit more every day.

It is my request that you ask your boss to place an additional chair at your desk to allow me to go to your workplace and avoid glances from your gorgeous colleagues. I miss you.

Outside I think of you. when I look around I am reminded of you. As I walk around I think of you. Everything I do reminds me of you. It reminds me of you!

The moment I wake up I feel the sadness within my soul, and then I realize you’re not here and I’m missing you so much.

My world is monochrome after I say goodbye to you at dawn until you return to your home at night, when it turns back to vibrant. I miss you.

I miss you so much, my dear, I am like I’m lost without you. I hope you will come back soon and share my smile. I truly miss you!

Even the most terrifying nightmares can be good when you’re in my arms and even the most sweet nightmares seem dim when you’re not here. I miss you.

There is no reason , or any time of the year, but, I love you every minute. I would love to see you again I miss you a lot!

Each time you work, it sends you for long trips, your family is missing its primary family’s main source of income, your kids are missing their fathers and I am missing my beloved soul mate and love. We miss you honey.

Missing You Text him

Sometimes, I am so sad for you that I’m unable to breathe. Please come back soon. We miss you greatly.

missing you
missing you

The most difficult job I’m doing is pretending to not be missing you. I hope you will visit me soon my dear friend.

It’s so lonely without you. I am missing everything about you. I can’t wait to have you back.

I would love to be there for you all the time because it’s hard to be calm when you are not around my sweetest.

I don’t really regret you much, but I miss you just a little. A bit too often and more each day.

When are you going to come and let me out of this feeling of loneliness? Your girl misses you so badly.

The more I think of you and miss you, the more our bond grows stronger. Thank you for being in my life, dearest.

You are my universe and the reason I feel happiness. I love you, but I am missing you.

It’s like my heart is failing, and I’m struggling to breathe! I love you very greatly.

I looked up on Google and asked if I love my husband so frequently? Google responded – because he also misses you.

Romantic I Miss You Quotes and Messages

The absence of a loved one could trigger many unpleasant feelings like loneliness and sadness. If your loved one is away, millions of thoughts are running through your head. This can cause you to think of things that have no existence. The people who have relationships that are long distance have a difficult time. However, there is a way to communicate. Send your thoughts out and demonstrate you love the person you love. Keep the fire burning by sharing these unique I miss you quotes from the exclusive collection below. Send them to your long-lost partner and make the bond last for a lifetime.

I am sure that a large part of my heart is with you everywhere you travel. I miss you so much!


The thought of counting the minutes until we’re back together does not ease my sadness. I love you so much, honey.


You must get out of my mind and back into my arms, where you are. Come back!


I’m not complete when you’re gone however I feel complete while you’re with me.


Your love is as air. I’ll always want to have more yet I’m not able to hold it in my hands, as you’re gone and I love you dearly.


If you’re here, I’d like to spend every moment with you. If you’re not here, each minute is too long, and my only remedy is to imagine you.


In your arms It feels like home. I’m home sick this moment. I miss you my Love!


What can I do to ensure that this is love? It hurts each time I must end my relationship.


I am so sad for you and you have never left my thoughts and dreams.


I am so frustrated when I have to say something to you however you’re not with me. I miss you.


Let’s pledge to never leave. We can promise to be close regardless of when it’s not.


I’m wondering if you’re missing me as much as I am missing you. Do you sense my heart calling to you?


If I’m in a crowd that is full of strangers, I am reminded of how much I miss your beautiful smile.


The sunsets in this area are stunning and my heart is broken since I’m unable to share these with you.


It’s beautiful But not as gorgeous as you. It’s also nice to have you as a part of my family to share it with me.


I would love to be there and we could share the wonderful things we have to offer together.


The world doesn’t look like it does when you’re not with me.


Every song I listen to reminds me how I miss you and would love to have you to be by my side.


I’m hoping for the day when we can be together again, because every minute without you brings heartache.


I miss you in ways that I could never imagined and I cannot wait to see you once more.


I imagine getting to meet you on the way to the airport, and closing our time together by kissing.


I am in love with you each when I meet you. I cannot wait to meet you again. I miss you so much!


There are stunning views across the globe and I’d like to share them with you.


These beautiful scenes bring me back to the love of my life who is waiting for me at home. I’m missing you like crazy!


I think of your presence all the time I’m away. wish we could see each other again soon.


It is empty of you, and I’m looking for the day it will again be filled.


You are my soulmate , and I’d like to live the rest of my life you.


I’m counting down the seconds until I meet you again and hug you tight with my hands.


I’m missing waking up with you and gazing at your eyes as the sun illuminates the curtains.


You have been a blessing in my life, and I would no wish to ever be away from you.


You are my all and I’ll do everything I’m not willing to do to ensure that we’re together again.


I am eager to bridge the gap between us, and to tell you in person how much I cherish you.


You are my favorite and I am ecstatic for the day we get to meet in person.


The world seems empty without you. I’m looking forward to the day when we’ll be able to finally end the gap between us.


However many oceans exist around the globe I will always go back to you.


I didn’t think I’d be so fortunate to be able to and I’m counting the days until I will be able to hold your hand and hold it in mine.


The love you share with me is truly a gift and I’m amazed to be able hold you when I finally get back.


I am am in love. I can’t anticipate seeing you again. The world would not be the same without you.


Please don’t forget me. I’ll return when I am able and take you into my arms. I miss you.


You are my love of my life , and I swear we’ll remain together for the rest of my life once I am back.


I’ve never been able to love another person like I have you. I cannot wait to bridge the gap between us for once and all time.


In all my dreams I never would have thought I would meet someone who is as amazing as you. I’m missing U!


I am missing you every single day I’ve been away. You are the perfect person for me and when I come back, I’ll prove just my love for you.


You are the bright spot in my life, and you inspire me to keep going in the darkness. I miss you so much!

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