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JOEL OSTEEN DAILY DEVOTIONAL 23 JANUARY 2022: Today on Joel Osteen daily devotional. He Digest the word of the lord and pray believing. with the Topic: YOU’RE BEING CARRIED

Open Heavens Devotional For Everyday
Open Heavens Devotional For Everyday


There are times when we aren’t sure what we can do to get through it. We have lost a loved one, you’re suffering from a disease or have children who are off track. It’s not difficult to feel overwhelmed, or to feel anxious and feel like we’re not equipped to continue. However, David declares “Each day God carries us in His arms” (Psalm 68:19).

There may be situations you think are too difficult for you However, God is telling you, “Don’t worry. I’ll carry you. You’ll experience a sense of the power of God, a peace that transcends understanding and a favor that makes things become more logical.” If you were on yourself, you’d never have the strength to endure the financial setbacks, the divorce, or the squabbles in your workplace, however you’re supported by God. God who made you.

God offers grace in every season. He’s been with you all of your existence. If you look back, maybe you observe how He walked you through an illness and gave you confidence you’ve never experienced. Perhaps He helped you through the loss. It was hard however, you felt at calm and could continue to move forward. Maybe He carried you through a difficult situation together with your kid. You could have experienced an emotional breakdown and it could have led you to quit your goals.

Each day you were blessed with the strength to remain in faith. You believed in God even when your thoughts suggested, “It’s never going to work out.” Now you are at the other end of the spectrum, blessed healthy, strong, and healthier than ever before. Are you encouraged? If God has carried you to the point of defeat He’s carrying you today. What you’re facing might seem overwhelming however, it’s not going be a problem for you. The challenge isn’t going to become overwhelming. You won’t be overwhelmed. The universe is carried in the hands of creator of all things.

God declared to his Israelites, “You saw how I snatched you from the bonds of slavery and carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to Myself” (Exodus 19:4). You might be feeling some oppression or some injustices, unfair, and some things that you don’t know about however, you should be encouraged. Eagles wings are coming. The God who created you will take you out of depression and sadness, out of isolation, from deprivation, poverty and being insufficient.

This isn’t the way your story will end. He’s going to lead you into prosperity, carry you to freedom, lead you to joy, peace and favor, bringing you breakthroughs. It appeared as if you had no hope, however now you’re getting ready to feel an Eagle’s wings lift you up and restoring you, encouraging you, and taking you to places you’re not able to go by yourself.


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